These Aren’t Your Grandpa’s Dentures

Imagine having to deal with ill-fitting dentures all the time. It’s miserable.

That’s why it’s so important to get high-quality dentures that fit well. This is where we come in! We can help you find dentures that will change your life.

The goal of the denture-fitting process is to make sure that you can talk and eat just like you would with your old teeth, and eventually get to the point where you forget that you even have dentures. Bottom line, you shouldn’t feel stuck because of bad teeth or dentures that are causing your mouth to hurt.

Dentures aren’t one-size-fits-all anymore. Complete dentures fit over your gums and cover the roof of your mouth, with the bottom part shaped like a ‘u’ wrapping around your tongue.

Partial dentures connect to your natural teeth using metal framework instead of covering your gums and the roof of your mouth.

We examine your mouth and pick the best type of denture for you. We then custom fit the dentures to the shape of your mouth to ensure that they are comfortable and useable. It’s important to know that your mouth has to get used to talking and eating with the dentures in, and it’s normal for the mouth to take a little while to adapt. Once your mouth adapts, you still may feel different, but the dentures will be much more comfortable and natural looking compared to the dentures that your grandparents wore.

Whether you aren’t sure if you need dentures or want to explore what option will work best for you, our dental care experts at Pine Tree Dental can help. Call our office at 207-781-4216 to make an appointment today. We look forward to helping you find the best looking and most comfortable dentures possible!