Why Early Dental Care is Important for Your Child

It’s true, your baby’s teeth will eventually fall out and make way for adult teeth. However, it doesn’t mean these baby teeth should be ignored. In the early stages making sure your baby’s teeth are healthy is very important. A proper at-home regimen combined with pediatric care can protect your baby’s mouth. Early care can help them bite properly, chew their food, and speak clearly. As baby teeth fall out, they leave gaps for the adult teeth. Making sure the baby teeth are aligned and in the right position will cause fewer problems in the future. These are great reasons why early dental care is so important.

The American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics say that every child should visit a dentist by age 1, or as soon as the first tooth appears. They suggest this so that you, the parent, can learn how to properly care for your child’s teeth. Participating in this visit will lower the chances of your child getting future cavities and will help young parents learn early dental care tips.

Another tip for parents is to watch what your newborn is eating. Staying away from foods that are rich in sugar and starch will help prevent problems with your child’s teeth and gums. Additionally, before your child goes to bed at night, don’t give them juice or milk because it will affect their teeth while they sleep. It’s the little things when they are younger that will have the greatest impact on their health.

Once your child’s teeth start erupting, making appointments with a family dentist will be important for your kid’s teeth. In these visits, the dentist will keep your child’s mouth clean by removing plaque build-up and food debris that are missed during brushing. With cleanings, the dentist will lower the chances of bacteria growing and prevent serious problems. You should set a good example for your child by encouraging the importance of healthy teeth. Start your child on the habit of visiting the dentist twice a year to promote a healthy mouth.

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