How to Keep a Healthy Mouth

Sometimes, among the many things in life, your dental health can be left behind. You don’t realize how vital it is until you run into a problem and usually that problem is typically painful. Maybe, just maybe, if you pay attention to your mouth a little bit more, you’ll avoid these painful and expensive problems. Here are some tips to keep your mouth healthy:

  1. Soda? Think again – Soda is very dangerous for your mouth. You may love the carbonation and the taste, but the ingredients that make it tasty also damage your teeth. The culprits are phosphoric acid and citric acid, which eat away at the surface of your teeth. Next time you grab a drink, read what’s in it. If it has these two ingredients, a lot of sugar, or both, maybe try switching to a cleaner beverage.
  1. While we are on the subject, sugar is also very dangerous for your teeth. In fact, sugar works as a fuel for bacteria in your mouth, which eventually leads to plaque. Substituting something else in your coffee or not grabbing an extra piece candy will save your teeth. Just think about it!
  1. Your toothbrush matters. Do you go into your local convenience store and pick up the cheapest toothbrush when you need a new one? There are actually different types of toothbrushes for different types of mouths. Look for brushes with soft bristles – they’re more gentle on your teeth. Compact brushes are also helpful for getting into the hard areas where lots of plaque likes to hide.
  1. With that new toothbrush, make sure you are brushing properly. Sometimes you can zone out brushing your teeth, but it’s important to pay attention to ensure you get everything. Small, gentle circles throughout the entirety of your mouth are the best way to brush. Brushing too hard can lead to damaged gums.
  1. Do you floss? You can tell your dentist yes, but we’ll be able to really tell. Flossing allows you to get the stuff your toothbrush can’t reach. Flossing once a night will prevent cavities and gum related problems.

Lastly, don’t ditch us! 50% of adults in the United States don’t see a dentist yearly. Spending quality time with your dentist will prevent future problems in your mouth. At Pine Tree Dental Care, we’ll make sure we keep your mouth clean and prevent future problems related to your teeth or gums. Call 207-781-4216 to make your appointment. We can’t wait to see you!